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My Dears!!

Its time to have a looksie at a little shindig were calling Punk-Rock-Gift-Exchange! I pray to the goddess that all of you can participate because this is going to be so much fun kittens! So take a gander leave as many messages as youd like and PLEASE stalk the page as freely as your heart desires!



Gift exchange anyone?

K so what do all of you think about starting a new gift exchange? Rachael and I have been discussing it and thought that since we have been having so much fun with Secret Pal exchanges, that it would be fun to have a gift exchange with people that have the same interests? Ive talked with Lani from Punk Rock Knit Girls and Suzi from the Darkside of Knitting and they loved the idea also!

So tell me do what do all of you think?

Oh and my new SP got the promotion that she went out for and started her new position today, Yeah for her!!


Have any of you seen this stich?

I was just tweakin this page because it apparently looks much different on some computers then it does on my own and of course I checked my mail and noted an email from Stitch Diva Studios and they have this awesome stitch called the Tunisian Stitch on there have any of you seen it or used it before?

Plus have a look at my new blog button cute or what? This is where I found it!

Have fun Kittens!


Ok Im Bored with Miss Evie's dress

I feel so badly, I want to start on something else RIGHT NOW! But I swore that I wasnt going to have 5 things laying about like I did at christmas! GRRRRR Suggestions?
I want to do some black knee socks i think!?? I should do my mothers blanket but great fun crocheting that...can you tell im waiting for aunt flow to arrive!


Just a Hey

Found a great new page called Punk Rock Knit Girls thats so much fun! Sorry Ive been so busy this week! Two tests and a presentation! It was a trip!

And another one that I love tons tons tons Darkside of Knitting, Thanks Suzi!!


Ok so heres one of my little man Az

Hes a potty mouthed 6 year old Congo African Grey. Hes great, just one of the many things that keep me going~

As for the babys dress its coming along just a few more inches to go! woohooo! And then I can start the white with reverse pink I think this is going to turn out pretty cute! Oh wait I need to study for a test for monday then give a presentation on wed and another test on thurs! Gawd summer school kicks ASS!