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Im me what do you want me to say?...hahah

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Ms Taylor has done it again!!!

This little angel has won first palce for the second year in a row in the School District singing competition.


Guess what I got in the mail today!???

Drinks are on me kittents!


Ok So Im watching

Aimee and Jaguar and its brillian! Its a german love story about two women during WWII that fall in love, its great!

SO check out this mess that Ive created, forget it its too blurry and Ive had my "glass"! BUT!! Heres Marnies new line:

Its at stitch diva so give it a looksie!!! Ok I have more to say but I just dont remember right now!
Kisses and misses kittens!


Im a bloody sell out! :(

I dont like being forced and think its !@$*%&$% insane that I have been forced to create a new account so that I can access my blog! Whats up with that shit, homeland security!?

Ok hi friends were back Im going to reopen stuff on stigmata tomorrow, this all beyond me tonight!



Check these out

Phase two of the lovely Marnie's collection;

Theyre part of Marnie McCleans Bellocq Stocking Collection coming out next month arent they lovely?

Were also going on day two of way too much snow and yet another snow day!!! Thats TWO EXTRA DAZE OF KNITTING!

I cast on awhile back for the back in black sweater from Lisa with the Calmer that Rachel got me and I can actully do something with it now! YEAHHH! I got this

so that I can do homeywork (read it actully read it) and knit!

Ok back to the sticks and strings!