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What A weekend!

I think that people should realize how serious k-nitting is to one. I was busy busy busy, did the bachlorette party, went with E to get her hair done, visted friends ate stayed up till 4a this morning being the designated driver and at every turn I had at least 1 minute to myself, so I would knit. I dont think people get it, they laugh, and tease and wonder what the frewl is up with that chick? Or wow you really are old....but one thing for certain is that I see that they realize,after all is said and done, how important knitting is to me. A few of them even asked me if I would mind showing them sometime!

So my advise to anyone that is hesitant about k-nitting in public is to just do it! its all about you! And what doesnt break your needles makes you knit faster ;)



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