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Look at what that Soical Knitter went and did!

That woman sent me 16 bloody balls of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky,two skeins of soy silk, The book that a fantastic book called Yarn Play by Lisa Sobahana Mason (whom I completely adore), and a Lantern moon Black Sheep tape measure, (that means I can give the grubby white one thats about to lose its head to my kid! EOOOOWWW)and a wonderful card.
Rachel I love you with my whole heart,boy did this package just pick me straight up out of the shit pound I was floating in last night!! I love you angel! Thank you for being part of my life!!

In other news that doesnt even compare to this is some of the yarn I got about a month ago at The Knitting Room. Again Miss Rachel told me about some yarn that I had to try called Frog Tree so of course I did! I got four skeins of Alpacha for 6.45 a skein and four of merino for 6.35 a skein! Does the woman know her yarn or what?

So now this is what my stash looks like and I dont think I can fit anymore in there... I think im going to have to join an exchange so I can buy more guilt free or more storage bins?? hahaha

Boy oh boy what a way to snap a girl out of her funk,Im still struggling to figure out how Stephanie looks so damn good with all the knitting she does! Have a great rest of the day and weekend all KNIT ON!

Sorry for the crappy photos there from my phone!



I saw these on a post at Bad Girls Who Knit , tell me they arent the sweetest things ever! Shes got them posted as Addi Lace needles and she got them from The Yarn Lady.

Im going to see if I can find them direct and cheaper if so, Ill let you know!
PS This week went wayyyyy to fast! Oh well a three week class and then ive got like two free months! eooowww!!


Ok Im working on the Girlfriend Shrug

For my little wonder Geneve (Geneieve, its just spelled different) and Rachel informed me that I could email things with my phone, wow what a concept!! See what going to University does to your adult brain? hahaha
Ok so this self striping yarn is a-flippin-mazing!!! I hate colors but I love this stuff even if it is Acrylic!!

Ok let me know what you think kitten k?


Its official

Im a PSYCHOlogist!! Hahahaha!

Strange oh so very strange! This is a shot from a McNair Scholoar Award banquest regarding school stuff and me whincing from the absolute horror of taking a forced photo! Say cheese,no instead I thought that id lift my sholders and make like a turtle! Nuff of that stuff! And then theres a shot of Chancellor Don Betz and myself all bright (Vomit) and goofy graduating!! hahahah
Sorry Ive been gone friends, Ive just been slammed with all of that but now I have one whole week to do nothing but knit and play video games!! Sev' was slammed with school as well and Lavey! Next stop Graduate School for School Psychology but thats not for a whole week and Im going to have a lot of time between this class and my last class in August so I hope to reconnect with all of you that I have missed so much!! Is everyone enjoy PRGE II I hear Sunne' is doing a bang up joby job? Commending you dolly, you rock!
So I have lots of yarn porn to share but my little demon seeds broke my digital camera and I dont have a card for my camcorder so I a tad S.O.L. at the moment!!
So what the heck is everyone else working on? I just started that super cute little girlfriend shrug for my little stinker...
Write/Call if you have my number!!!
Super happy to be back .
Must go cruise blogs!



Come one Come all

Im in finals week but please stop by and sign my map !!!!

PS I promise ill be back on Thursday to play~!