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Im me what do you want me to say?...hahah

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Guess who

Loves her new shrugger!

Now Taylor wants one in this color

But I want to make something for me...(my children come first, my children come first...) hahaah
Swak all!

PS I went to my LYS today and found this yarn called Dream in Color Yarn, and of course I got the beautiful sockweight one that was the exact color (Gothic Rose),that is shown in the photo on their website. Its hard to photograph because its dark. They also introduced me to a some new circ's that theyre carrying called HiyaHiya Needles! Im tellin ya these kats are going to put addis out of business! Theyre lighter and feel the was a trip!



Ok well at least until the middle of August!hahah So I made it through my first graduate class with FLYING COLORS!! Hint my friends, GRADUATE SCHOOL IS EASIER THEN UNDERGRAD!!! Why they dont tell us these things I do not know! So with that bit of lovliness said...

I got an early start, last weekend I went and hung out with my favorite girl thang Joye, and we had a blast just hangin' out at this tiddy little pad tucked away in a corner of Appletown, Wisconsonian (Appleton, Wisconsin).

Joye thought we were at a gay bar at first cuz the place was like a dued ranch and they were playing disco(which we both love) or something comparable at first...Oh and they had this in the bathroom! Yes they were everywhere, she has more then I do actully but this was nearly the worst one right down to the veins!!!! hahaah

Oh I also got to see my fairly goth son for the first time his name is Xander and he has my most favorite color of hair in the world...RED...

And the topper on this great weekend filled with lots of rain from the goddess to replenish this wonderful earth ended with a trip to Don Smiths for Yarn for the ladies and Hershners, who is having their annual sale starting this weekend! I seriously need to join a SP exchange, AND get more storage AND get back to knitting!!