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My seedling!

Yes the time has come to share my youngest beauty! I hate putting photos of my babies online, but this was just toooooooo much to resist!

Back to studying!

Kisses and Misses


Happy Friday the 13th!

And may I state that only Rachael would dare to procreate and spring forth her only daughter on this day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JILLY!

In other news!

I want to design a pattern to make this shirt!

I had to scribble the other girl out of it she was too cute and taking all the attention away from the shirt!


Ok so it was a naughty weekend

This is what I got myself for my birthday:

It wasnt my fault, I was at my partners family wedding thingy. It was...very draining. So naturally, I went yearn shopping instead of doing home work at Herrschners. They have a sale corner and it was half off the half off. I got the last two balls of cotton angora in black. Then I got that butterfly cotton yearn for 3.36 a skein,yes, thats all not 10.00 at all! (It really paid to be patinet this time!) Thats for my SP, oops like she didnt already know that! haha, Cant you guys wait till you can tell your SP who you are? haha. Moving on that green stuff is called Katrina its from paton and it was like 1.43 a skein. Then thres that thread like sparkely stuff that I purchased in pink and white for the baby, and the multi pink brown and white,gag, for my eldest yuppie. That stuff was like a buck or less. And all of this for a mere 52 bucks! And then they were evil enough to tell me that they were having one of their wharehouse sales from Oct 11-15! Theyre really insane! Yearn for dirt!

Ok enough!

Theres a lot of yearn there... ok thats all I can write for now....

Kisses all, must get back to school