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Im me what do you want me to say?...hahah

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Taylor said I had to

Put up her pritty scarfy! (ISH), Gosh its so winter!!!

Oh and Ms. Bunnys hat is done!

...Strike a pose....


Look at what I got

for myself today! Rachael has soo much stuf to get me, that I couldnt wait I mean ask her to get me something else! hahah

Open it up and what do you see, a lot of sure cool stuff staring back at me!

Now if I could only buy some time! Back to knitting cooking homeworking!
Happy whatever you celebrate if you celebrate tomorrow!

Kisses all of you!


Check out

....this little hat im makin for Bunny, I think its gonna be cute?

plain and cutesy! So how the heck has everyone been? I tried to write to all of you but this bloody page has been down!


Check out that yarn over where no yarnover should reside!


Look what my Secret Pally made me

Its Skellys having naughty fun time! hahaha

check out my gift to relieve me from my weekend from hell......

I am so not worthy of such Pally! Besides the your butt looks mighty fine in them skelly's doin the naughty pants,she also sent me SnB Nation and as well as their Calander. As well as some skully needles!!! I guess I should also say that she sent my seedlings gifts such as a Dora book for Eve which is certain to make her feel much better tomorrow and some lip gloss and nail decals for miss Tay'! I dont you about you kittens but I am feelin like the rest of this week shant be that bad after all! Thanks Rachael!

In other news...
have any of you been here? Its just they have Noro for so cheap and I think of Moon and all of her amazing projects with Noro...
Ok well Im off to go play with stuff you dirty minded things you!


Look at what

Wisconsin has to offer us!