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This little doll right here.....

Shes quite cool! This only the first hit(the outline) but shes gorgeous to me! She has a pick in her hair that has a two thumb fist (Hunter S. Thompson), and smoking gun. I was going to change the gun to smoking RED hot knitting needles and a ball but im not so sure its going to look too hot, what say ye?!!! I was wondering if I should have in smoking bullet holes that is knitting related? Any and all help would be fantastic! Grati all!

As for the tripple 0's, check these out next to this here yearn...

Oi! Thanks to all of you! I hope that your holiday was well and that your looking forward to the New Year! What have you planned?

I hope that all of you have a grand one and happy 2007~!


Im feelin the fortune dolls

Its my beautiful grapel colored yearn from elann now I have 10 skeins of it...sigh! Im am pleased! Ok so I went ahead and got those tripple zero's and double zero double points...I know Rach wanted to see how they looked close up! Theyre really not that teeny, im sure when I start k-nitting on them Ill feel different....At least I didnt do the quad' zeros, right?

So, its back to the wrapping o'da'hollowed-day gift thang and my.....

HAPPY CHRISMAHANAKAWANZAKA ALL! Thank you for being a part of my life!


My secret pally

Is an absolute magician!

She! gave me 8 balls of Rowan Calmer, two sets of Addi size one's and one set of size two's (I have an additional set)for socks,two squares of awesome chocolate,which have already been devoured, that fantastic Anime book is for ms. Taylor,which has strange knitting patterns inside, a kitty pen and hello kitty pad and barrettes for ms. Geneve,( yes shes walking around with writing inside of the pad just like you said, she knows its hello kitty by the way) and the most fantastic thing that has to be shot alone because of its brilliance....

The new Rebecca!! (said in Elvis'voice!!!)

Thank you soooo much Rachael you made my christmas!!

And now for the second best part of my day, besides getting child support and passing one of my classes quite splendidly,(One down 4 to go)...

Ms Rachael told me about a really cool craft book club called Crafter's Choice!

A few things are not for me like the Stitchionary 3 and the Mason Dixion Book, maybe the Vogue Sewing book. I also got my Addi's size 0's from Jeff on Ebay today, so Im pretty happy..I really should go study a bit more and then oh screw it,.... Ok Im off to finish drooling!!! Be well everyone!!


I cant believe

That this little beauty is 15 today! How is it possible that I am mama to a 15yr old beauty(drama) queen?

....Herr Ober, Ill need more wine with that please