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I want to make these Cheezy things

Im embarrassed because its a Lion Brand pattern, but I REAAAALLLLLLYYYYY like them.

So how the heck is everyone's summer goin? I had the incredible privilege of seeing the Body World Exhibit this week from Gunther Van Hagen and its absolutely brilliant! If your not squeamish and enjoy anatomy, you will be entranced by this exhibit. Dr. Van Hagen is pretty famous and invented an Incredible way of preserving the body called Plastionics. I know that it may sound a bit morbid, but its absolutely fascinating! I think the reason that I wasn't disturbed at all by his exhibit is because the bodies actually looked like plastic! So if it comes through your city you should really give it a go!

Back to knitting stuff!

Rach and I are getting prit-tty revved up for the gift exchange and it seems like you kittens are as well? I absolutely have had the best round with SP8 as all of you have seen with the incredibly thoughtful gifts from my Secret Pally, who is nothing short of wonder woman,so wonderful that I have requested that she be the BEST SECRET PALLY this round! But I have to confess that I really am excited to start this new one as well? August first is next week, so keep your eyes peeled for the info! Have a great weekend all!


Another day, Another C

Yes I took my last test of the summer today and FLIPPIN FAILED IT! grrrr... I swear I think Im just burnt out or something because the test wasnt that bad!? And its awful cuz I had a chance to write down all of the correct answers and didnt because I just couldnt cheat, everyones keeps asking me if im crazy and telling me that I shouldve but I could never live with myself, hence my gpa will now suffer and I will have to take the hit of a C as well! Oh well!...

In other news!

This is all the knitting Ive been able to accomplish in the last few weeks on eves dress!

But it looks better like this:

Its turning out the way I wanted it to so im pretty happy with it!
I truly tried to start another project but I felt so bloddy guilty, and then when I had a look at Lani's fantastic Ballet Tank and yesterday I saw the slutty baby top Rachel as her husband and I call it, for her baby and its just not slutty at all on her!

Ive also got the most fantastic Secret Pally and discovered that she and I have so much in common but are different enough and found out that shes getting her Masters next week! Which she so very much deserves!!
So I guess a lower GPA wont be the death of me ey?


Little Devils here!

Isnt it lovely? That's exactly the name too Little Devil and I got it from Lisa Souza, and it only costs 16 bucks for 560yd Skein! I just love the color!

Thanks tons to Elspeth for the info! Its so nice meeting so many nice people with similar interests! Who would've ever thought that I could find red and black yearn!!?

And you have to check out Spirals Patterns,this woman is great! Her colors and patterns totally made my day!
PS I want to apologize for being so crabby lately, I was waiting on a friend!


Time for the mandatory post

Ho hum what do I write about being that I just got off the phone with the ever abusive Rachael thank the goddess for the ever ascending sanity of Severina, Obsidian the ever elusive art work of BlackCrow and the rest of you of course or Id just be a puddle of premenstral hate! hahaha Im so kidding Rachael! I adore you! But I need to pick on someone, no wait I need to study and knit! That's it!
Sorry for the unpleasantness folks! Hope all of you are having a fantastic week!
Did any of you know that Obsidian Kitten was in the last issue of Knitty and that Severina was in Magknits(?) I believe?? we really surrounded by wonderful people on here!
By the way does anyone know who that guy is in that photo? I saw him once years again but I just don't remember who it is?


Icons and Amazing Secret Pals

This is something that my incredible secret pally sent me on monday! I cant believe how lucky I am to receive so many wonderful gifts! So as always thank you Super Secert Pally!

And this is a scarab rolling a ball of yarn vs a ball of dung, hahah, let me know what you think ok? If I should make any changes or if it looks as I desribed it, ok?