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The End and the beginning

This week is the last week of the great SP8 gift exchange,I am going to miss spoiling my SP, and am just dying to know who my secret pal is!! Only one week away from the beginning of Punk Rock Gift Exchange, this is the last week to sign up so if you would like to participate go to the link and follow the directions from there! Questions contact us there or you can write to Rach or I privately.

In other news...Sev' and I are working on a sister site to link to Punk Rock Knit Girls more to come on this later....

So how the heck has everyone been? I finished that punch-o thankfully and she adored it! Its so nice that something that takes a few hours to make can make someone so happy! Oh and that dress for the baby, I still havent decided what I want the top of it to look like....I have a few different ideas that I cant decide on...all and any suggestions are welcome!

Best for last, The FDA has approved the morning after pill for over the counter sales by the end of year. I know its a just a mixed blessing but for all of those little girls that get violated and choose to make the choice....ok enough said


Not just another Punthat-o/wrap

But I puncthat-o/wrap in front of a Queen Amadala pillow done during the first half hour of Pirates of the Carribean two tonight! I think I just might die of boredom, Sev' Im feelin ya on this just knit thing! Its for my friends wedding shes all about the bat and she loved one that I have so its time for her to have her own for her daugthers one day, now that ive written that shell have sons.

Ive still got your box of Yearn sitting here waiting to be knit by you my darling O'Kittie,now if I could just make it to the post office so you can play with it! ggggrrrr...Id take photos for you but then Id have to open that damn box and spoil the spoils! Oh lust!

In other news, I have had the best flicks to watch while im knitting lately! All week its been Joseph the stallion Cotton and Mr. O'Welles. Tonight it seems to be Bela Lugosi and Mr Karloff. Murders in the Rue Morgue is on right now and after this, its the Devil Bat and then The body Snatcher, then back to the lovely Mr Lugosi in one of my favorites Scared to Death!! I love Turner Classic movies, especially right when the talkies came out because the actors are equally as dramatic as in the silent films!!! Up allll night, with the Crows and Kitties! aka Black Crow and Obsidian Kitten!!

PS Rachael Im so glad that you dont have to move!

Ok back to the movies and later Ill have to sleep to Faye Wong, why because she is the Cocteau Twins! Well part of them anyway!

Saturday morning:

pps I jsut rolled out of the comfort my cave because the doorbell made me and the postmistress brought me this:

Its four skeins of Rowan Baby Alpaca for 11 bucks on ebay and was two dollars to ship! I thought about going to her home to purchase it but its cheaper then driving so!!

Till then


Me-o my-o

Movies!....I was up till 2:30a knitting and watching Alfred Hitcock flicks... and now Im home catching up on blogging,then back to doing some hitchcock and then more knitting da be-bes dress! Alas she is gone so I can not take the final measurments for the top part of her dress, so by default I will have to start knitting something else! (sighs, guilt free! I can start another project hoohooo!)
Its pretty great actully!
Ive also been having a time of things shopping for yearn with my partners mother on Montag who swore she wouldnt buy anymore only to buy more then I did from three of my favorite yarn stores! I did good I only bought these Rowan Cotton Angora's and they were on sale:

And I also got some lil' devil yearn from Lisa Souza to make those lovely stokings that sev' made, to lazy to post tags tonight sorry! I also got some more Gems,Opal from Louet yearn:

In the world of Secret Pally's I got a new one and shes is just adorable, I love spoiling her. I also Love My Secret Pally who Im also writing at this moment...I just cant believe that there are two weeks left to this exchange? And then ours is off and running! Its so cool to see how many of us are signing up for it!!

As for you ms spinning goth, Oh what a superise to find out that you are also evil mommy! I was wondering why I had your email twice? hahaha
Obsidian come home we miss you!




Yes the gift exchange is off and running! Its so great to see that you guys are so interested in participating. The questionaire is posted on the site, if you havent signed up yet and would like to :)

Just email us at the site if you have questions ok?!

So in k-nitting life!

I bought some Gems, Opal today finally and its all that they say it is! Just a flippin beautiful as Koigu but 225 yards of love!

Lani and the girls over at Punk Rock Knit Girls were talking about arm warmers and these are a pair that I maid awhile ago, actully ive made a few, and these are my fav's, with the seam and all! I love them so much! There at the ass end of my blog too, I believe? I really need to post more stuff I make... K catch all of you soon!

...and yes weve just begun.....(honestly I havent been listening to the Carpenters....;) )