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Im me what do you want me to say?...hahah

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You know yer' raisin' 'em wrong....

when you let your 14.5 yr old open something as wonderful as this.......

and she asks what is this a new calendar, sigh shake shudder shame


Secret Pal O' mine and more joy

no not with an 'e, just Joy
Division, aka Ian the man!

Nuff said...

Check out my package from my over indulgent Foxy Azz Secret pally sent to me! Yes Rachel is right, we did this so we could spoil one another stupid! As well as allowing the people that we care for to join in ;), we truly hope that all of you or yall as she would say are having as much fun to date as we are, if not hit us at the page, k?

See what did I say? Yearn for socks, stuff for the babies,stitch markers for me! Yes look at these!

She gave made me these stictch markers with pieces of a family heirloom, her grandmothers necklace, and two lovely scarab beads! How did I get this lucky? Again!!?

Tell me go ahead Im spoil-t as the Sharon lovely would say.... or my darling Suzi, or...

Not sure but I thank the goddess for her and the six skeins of black yearn, and the multi purple colored year that is just going to make Kitt' squeel!

Im am so thankful! Love you Rach!


Say hello to my little friends....

Coronal View

And the Sagital view....

And before any of you smart asses say anything about having two right feet, ITS BECAUSE IM LEFT HANDED THAT I POSTED THE RIGHT FEET!

Oh by the way Cheers for the great posts re: the hair dealio! I feel so special!

Update @ 22:48

Seriously, The tele is evil! Im watching Greys and they were playing a different version of Under the milkyway tonight by the church! Beat that!?


Hair help please!

I been writing with Sev' about hair coloring. And I dont know how many of you know this but ive got dreads that I used to dye burgundy, well I did it back in 2001 and have tried to dye it black repeatedly to no avail. It always bleeds out and is back to burgundy! grrrr... Help
Heres some photos:

The Front:

I want to add a few different colors in back but not sure if itll be the smart thing during school?

All advice welcome!



Tired thank the goddess..

for good music!
This process aka school is draining me! Its stealing my life already and time away from my posting and playing :( fuckers! Oh well!

To show them whose boss I bought this book, the goats for baby Ivy sorry!

This reminds me of the stuff that Sev' makes! The patterns are fantisimo! PS I share!

By the way Suzi your getting a spanking from a couple of nuns named Obsidian and Sev as well as Lani! ;)

Its so super sweet seeing all of you right now! Kisses and misses and a little knittin' inbetween....


My secret pally has done it again!

She really sent me out with a happy heart! Lisa is a very very very wonderful woman new beleive it or not secret pally on the planet that I have ever had! Thank you for everything! I hope that we can stay in touch! You have so much great knowledge and are such a great knitter!


Its time.....


SP8 is over, and PRGE is starting

I know that I wrote this last post, but Im going to totally miss my Secret Pally Lisa she was/is the best! I cant wait to see what my pally Kackie thinks of her final package! K so the doors are shut on our exchange! I believe we have a nice even number of participants, 24 with Darling Rachael and myself! I will have a questionaire with all of the questions for each and every one of you to post to your blogs by the end of the weekend on the site so stay tuned!